Fans are Gearing up for Season 3 of Outer Banks


Sophia Thiel, Staff Writer

February 23 is a day that many Netflix users are anxiously awaiting as this is the day that season three of Outer Banks, or OBX, will be released. Outer Banks first took the world by storm in April of 2020, when it gained massive popularity during the Coronavirus shutdown. Slightly more than a year later, season two was released in July 2021. 

The show follows John B and his friends as they attempt to uncover hidden treasure from an ancient shipwreck. Meanwhile, the teens have to deal with a power struggle between themselves, the Pogues, who live on the poorer side of the island, and the Kooks, the people who live on the richer side of the island. 

Both of the first two seasons were received extremely well. “The first season the night it came out I grabbed my laptop and I watched it all in one night,” junior Evan Pulda said. “I pulled an all-nighter and slept the rest of the next day.” 

Teenagers specifically enjoy watching Outer Banks because of its focus on people their age. “I think it’s popular because [it] shows other teenagers,” sophomore Sami Boardman said. 

Other people like it because of the real-world issues that it portrays. “It lets you inside their homes and think about what’s going on with JJ’s life,” sophomore Noeli Schutten said. For those who have never watched the show, JJ’s character has a very dysfunctional home life that gets him into trouble. 

Schutten and sophomore Amy Jozwiak both agree that JJ is their favorite character because of how raw his scenes are. “He’s very real,” Schutten said. 

Senior Savannah Klappenbach is another JJ supporter. “I think he’s a fantastic friend even through all of the drama with his home life.” 

Fans hope that season three is even better than the previous two. “Season two was really just kind of a copy and paste of season one, so I’m looking forward to a new plotline in season three,” Pulda said. 

On the other hand, Boardman is eager for new character dynamics. “I feel like I’m looking forward to what everyone else is looking forward to. I want JJ and Kiara to be in a relationship,” she said. 

Klappenbach is ready for the loose ends from season two to be tied up. “I’m really anxious to see what is going to happen with John B’s dad and Ward,” she said. 

Fans have many hopes for the upcoming season, but only time will tell if it’s the best season of Outer Banks yet.