NBA All-Star Weekend Draws Near


Collin Kramp, Staff Writer

The NBA is reaching the midway point of the season, which means the All-Star Break is approaching. 

For players, the All-Star break consists of several off days, unless they are not selected to be in one of the events which are, the All-Star game, three-point contest, dunk contest, and skills challenge. All these events contain the top players in that area. 

The All-Star weekend is held in Utah this year, as the location is switched every year, giving each city a chance to have iconic events in its stadium.” I wish an All-Star game would come to Milwaukee, because of how good our stadium is, and I don’t feel like Milwaukee gets enough love, “ freshmen Charlie Sheridan said.

But as the years have gone by fewer star players have decided to participate in the three-point contest and dunk contest because they want to avoid getting injured, or just simply don’t want to lose, causing some of these events to decrease in popularity. “The dunk contest just has not been good. Maybe there is one good dunk, the whole contest,” junior Jack Bauer said. 

In 2022, NBA dunk contest champion Obi Toppin, who an average NBA fan would not be able to name what team he’s on, had some mediocre dunks, but still was named the champion because his competition wasn’t as good, as they were all young players, that didn’t have had a lot of exposure or average NBA players who were just fillers. “The best NBA dunk contest was in 2016, containing Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon; this dunk contest was just amazing and there were so many crazy dunks,” Bauer said.

The last event on Sunday night of All-Star weekend is the All-Star game, where the top 12 most-voted players from each conference by the fans face off. They split off into teams like a draft system, where the top 2 vote-getters are captains and then pick their team. 

Right now Lebron and Kevin Durant are the top vote-getters for the Eastern and Western conferences. Along with Lebron and Durant some other stars that will be participating will be, Demar Derozan, Giannis, Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, and Stephen Curry. This event is foreseen as an Event with some crazy finishes in the past years, making it towards what some people say is the most entertaining event. “ The All-Star game is the most fun to watch, I enjoy seeing the top players in the league compete with each other, and have fun with it and be able to see all their skills on the table, “ junior Cody Sanchez said.

The NBA looks to have a great All-Star weekend,with hopefully some unforgettable moments taking place and all the fans and players having a great time.