Looking back at 2022


Isaiah Ramirez, Staff Writer

2022 was a year to remember. There were ups and there were downs, but most of all it’s all about making memories. Students reflect on their favorite and least favorite moment from the past year.

Many were happy that they got to travel again since the pandemic ended. “My favorite moment of 2022 was going to Nationals for cheer. Being with my team in Florida was really fun, and I’m really glad I got to experience something like that,” junior Kiah Wilson said. 

For seniors, 2022 meant preparing for the future.  “My least favorite moment of 2022 was applying for colleges. It was very stressful and sad,” senior Lexi Olech said. 

Summer is a lot of people’s favorite part of the year because there is no school and you can do a lot of new things. “In the summer I went to Six Flags with all my friends. It was so fun because we met a lot of girls and hung out with them after,” freshman Ahmad Qasem said.

Other students said they had a great year in poms. “We won the Midwest Grand Championship for poms and we were so happy and hope to go further,” junior Brynn Curtis said.

Summerfest had a lot of great bands.. “My favorite moment of 2022 was going to See Dayglow at Summerfest. I went with all my friends and we had a great time,” Olech said. 

 The baseball team also made it all the way to state. “It was a great experience, especially  being a freshman.We had a lot of fun and hope to make it to the same place maybe even further,” sophomore Cameron Bueno said.

Going into 2023 there are a lot of resolutions and things people want to change. “Something I’m looking forward to going into 2023 is Prom, competing in the Gameday Live category at Nationals with the band,and track season,” Wilson said.

 Senior year is coming soon for the juniors and they need to prepare mentally and physically. “I’m so excited for senior year, I want to get out of here so badly,” Curtis said

Although 2023 has already begun, 2022 will always be a year to remember. New friends were made, fears were faced, and Memories were created.