Chiefs Take on the Eagles in Superbowl LVII


Alex Klaus, Staff Writer

Superbowl LVII is this weekend and the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the KC Chiefs. This will be the fifth trip to the Superbowl for the Chiefs and the fourth trip for the Eagles.

In the AFC Championship the Chiefs beat the Bengals 23-20, and In the NFC Championship the Eagles played the 49ers and won 31-7.

 Many feel that to get to the Superbowl the Eagles had the easier path by having a first round bye then beating the Giants and then having to beat a quarterback-less 49ers. Since the 49ers did not have a healthy quarterback, the Eagles were in control the whole game and was 21-7 before the half.

 This game was big for the Eagles because the 49ers have the best defense in the league but were missing all three of their quarterbacks. Trey Lance broke his ankle in week two then Jimmy Garoppolo suffered an ankle injury and was out in week 13, and then rookie third string QB Brock Purdy got hurt early in the first quarter of the game.

Junior Noah Koss plays football himself and knew when Purdy went down it was over.  “I felt that when he got hurt the team started to go downwards. He was already a third string quarterback for the team and now the team had nothing left after him. There best choice was to put Christian McCaffrey in at quarterback after,” he said.

The Chiefs also had a first round bye and then played the Jaguars then Bengals, Both of those games were within one touchdown. 

In the Bengals game the Chiefs led for most of the game until the Bengals tied the game early in the 4th quarter. With 17 seconds left in the 4th it was third and fourth and the Chiefs had the ball. QB Patrick Mahomes scrambled to the right and ran out of bounds and got pushed late which caused a penalty and set the Chiefs up for a 44-yard field goal where Harrison Butker made it and they won. 

Junior Matthew Hernandez enjoyed watching the Chiefs game because of how close it was. “It was an evenly played game in the second half. In the first half it was Chiefs heavy, but in the second half the Chiefs were the favorites. There were questionable calls that set the Chiefs up for the win,” he said.

Junior Raygun Uremovich likes to watch football especially when it comes to the playoffs. He would love to see the Chiefs win because of what they’ve been through. “Everyone on the Chiefs is hurt, however the extra weeks will help the Chiefs more and it’s hard to trust a first year head coach and a QB in his first playoff game against an actual good QB,” he said.

Senior AJ Acevedo thinks the Eagles will win the Superbowl. “I think the Eagles will win because they have a better defense. And Mahomes has had an ankle injury,” he said.