Netflix’s “Hubie Halloween” Gets Mixed Reviews


Alin Ademi, Section Editor

Hubie Halloween, the Netflix movie that everyone was looking forward  to, debuted on Friday Oct. 7, and many were excited to check it out. 

Hubie Halloween was directed by Steven Brill and is a Halloween movie set in the city, Salem in Massachusetts, the city known for the famous Salem Witch trials in 1693. The city is supposedly haunted and weird things happen in the city.

 Adam Sandler, the main character in the movie, is Hubie Dubois, the security guard during trick or treating. Dubois is the nicest man in Salem, but everyone in the city hates him, except for Violet Valentine, played by Julie Bowen, who has been Dubois’ crush since grade school. 

While some people liked the movie for the silly jokes and some scary scenes, others  thought  that Dubois’ voice was annoying and that the movie was too silly and “Over Hyped.” ”I enjoyed the movie because it was really funny. I really enjoyed Hubie’s voice and I loved the plot,” freshman Bailee Anders said.

However freshman Suri Johnson didn’t like it. “I was annoyed by his [Sandler’s] voice. He sounded like a little baby crying for milk. I really disliked the movie. The movie was filled with such great actors but it was just bad,” she said.

As Johnson said, the movie was filled  with popular actors such as Kevin James, Sandler, Noah Schnapp, Peyton List, Karan Brar, Rob Schneider, and Shaquille O’Neal. “With such a great cast for the movie, the movie was still really bad. I loved watching movies with Kevin James in it and this one was just bad,” Johnson said

Anders disagrees.”I loved the cast and how they played their characters, I think Kevin James was a perfect police officer and Adam Sandler was the perfect fit for Hubie Dubois,” she said 

Hubie Halloween was a perfect movie for some and a horrible movie for others.