Giannis signs supermax deal


Alin Ademi, Section Editor

Bucks fans let out a huge sigh of relief Dec. 15  when 2020 NBA MVP Giannis Antentokunmpo signed a supermax contract for 5 years and $228 million. This makes Giannis one of the highest paid players in the NBA. 

When Giannis was drafted in  2013 there was no way that anyone could have predicted that he would be one of the best players in the NBA today. His average ppg is 29.5. His average rpg is 13.6. And his average apg 5.6. and he won the MVP Award the past two years

With the Bucks having the best record the past two seasons fans are excited to see whatGiannis and the team will do this year. ” Giannis was a great pickup for the next 5 years and the Bucks will do very well. They had the best record for back to back years,” sophomore Tyler Bolda said.

However fans know that although the Bucks have made the playoffs with Giannis, they have just been coming upshort to the championship. ” If we don’t win the championship in the next 5 years, Giannis will leave the Bucks,” Bolda said.

Many people were worried that Giannis would not sign the Supermax deal because it took him a lot of time to think about it. “Even though it took him a while, he was offered the supermax he was going to stay for sure,” freshman Nick Gannaway said.

Fans know that Giannis is the leader and captain of the Bucks, and one of the best in the league and The Bucks are a great fit for Giannis. ” Giannis is the leader of the team, they should build the team around him,” Gannaway said.

And that is exactly what the Bucks are doing. They are picking up other facilitators to help with Giannis’ play style which fans hope will bring them a Championship this spring.