Senior Spotlight: William Brust


Maxwell Steele, Editor in Chief

William Brust has had quite the high school experience.  From sports to academics, he has created many memories here at Greendale High School.

Brust is a three sport athlete; playing football, basketball, and baseball.  On Jan. 7, he was named “Triple Threat Athlete of the Week” by, highlighting how he not only plays three sports, but exceeds expectations in them.

The highlight of his basketball career came against Waukesha North, when Brust scored his 1000th point, a feat that only a select few high school students are able to achieve.  He started the count his freshman year as an undersized starter.  “When he scored the basket, everyone was excited for him and his huge accomplishment,” senior Connor Cramp said.

Brust was excited to have accomplished this feat. “My best individual moment was my 1,000 point game because the support was amazing,”  Brust said.  

The Brust-led varsity basketball team unfortunately lost in the second round, but it was an amazing cap to his senior basketball season and overall basketball career.

According to his teammates and coaches, Brust’s leadership has brought him through all the obstacles an student-athlete can experience.  He has gained his leadership skills from many different people, but one person sticks out to him.  “Coach Stoltz provides all of his players with off field lessons that stick with everyone each and every day, and I use them each and every day,” Brust said.  

Even though his senior year is not over, he is still looking forward to the next steps in his life.  “I chose to play baseball and football at Oshkosh because no other school interested in me gave me the opportunity to play both,” Brust said.  

He has many great memories of his time playing sports at GHS.  His best come from football.  “My favorite memory from Greendale were the deep playoff runs my freshman and sophomore year and the hype that surrounded them,” he said.

Brust is not a man of many words, but he wanted to tell the underclassmen this, “You only live through high school one time. Don’t waste it being stressed out about everything such as grades, tests, etc.” he said. “Do the best you can but focus mostly on having fun and enjoying these four years and spend them how you and only you want because you’ll never get them back.”