NCAA Football video game making a comeback in 2021


Alin Ademi, Section Editor

Sports video game fans got great news last  month when it was announced that NCAA football was coming back. EA sports started making NCAA football video games in 1993, however they had to stop in 2014 due to the Collegiate Licensing company saying that NCAA was wrongfully using athletes’ images commercially. 

This was sad for big fans of the game such as senior Donny Hottinger. “I have played some of the previous NCAA football games with buddies of mine throughout the years. I’ve always been a bigger fan of college sports, so in my opinion the whole experience is better than Madden,” he said.

Due to the updated generations of game consoles that have been released since 2014, the game’s new version has evolved into new game features and different cover athletes. “I heard the game won’t be out until 2022, so I’d think upcoming stars like Graham Mertz (Wisconsin QB) or Bryce Love (Next Alabama QB) will be on the cover,” senior William Brust said.

Fans are really excited for the new game.  “I’m expecting this game to be a lot better graphically, but the company that will be making the game, which is Electronic Arts, have become a very money hungry business and it might be a lot like Madden which is very pay to win, but it will be cool to have the NCAA video game franchise come back,” freshman Cody Sanchez said. “There might be a chance that the cover could be rising star Quarterback from Wisconsin Graham Mertz.” 

People on social media have come out with new leaks on the new game, such as a cover and new game mechanics. “The stuff that has been leaked looks pretty cool and I hope the game feels less stiff and more fluid than it was back in NCAA Football 14,” Sanchez said.

With NCAA Football 21 coming pretty close to being released to PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, and Xbox series x. Fans are excited for the release.