The Brusty Beaker Breakdown

With so many choices, Brusty and Beaker talk about what they believe is the best sports video game.


William “Brusty” Brust:

NCAA Football 14 was a generational video game. It’s easily considered to be the best college sports video game ever created and is still regularly played today by gamers including myself. There are endless reasons why the game is so great.

Unforgettable modes such as Road to Glory and Dynasty are the most popular and are still played and used for content online today, however other modes such as Mascot Mashup and Ultimate Team were popular modes that blew up at the games release. With the great modes that come with the game, why don’t they ever get boring? Why does it seem like the game doesn’t age? 

Well there are many other reasons why the game is so iconic. To start, there are 126 playable teams in the game. Each team plays like they would in real life, so each team you play with you’ll get a new offensive and defensive style which makes the game feel fresh each time you play. Because of all the different teams, this grants the player the opportunity to play Dynasty mode with any of the choices which also keeps the game fresh. 

The same feat comes with the Road to Glory mode, where you can take your created player to any school in the country after you finish your high school season. Although the Team Builder feature is no longer available due to the games servers being down for good, for years players were able to create a team on their own.

 Any team they want with any name, any uniform, and could customize each individual player. Importing these teams onto their video game console was quite easy as well. I personally have memories of importing old Greendale High School football teams onto my console that were created from other users, and playing with them. These features that the game presents are unlike any other game. 

On top of all that, all players of NCAA Football 14 can agree that the overall gameplay mechanics are noticeably better and smoother than any Madden Football game ever created. All in all, NCAA Football 14 I believe is the best sports video game without question due to all these reasons and I’m so excited for the series to come back in the next few years. 


Maxwell “Beaker” Steele:

Although NCAA Football 14 is easily one of the best games of all time, I don’t believe it is the number one.

It’s March 2020, you’ve just been told you have a break from school for two weeks.  No school, no going outside, the only way to communicate with the outside world is over technology.  You and your friends decide to get on one of the most memorable games of all time, NBA 2k20. 

2k20 is, in my opinion, the best sports game of all time.  The thing is, it’s not great because of how it plays.  If it was solely based on that, this game would be nowhere near the best sports game of all time.  But, the way it took everyone through quarantine, puts it at the top.  

Some of my best memories of quarantine were because of late night 2k20 games.  Everyone would get on, load up the park, and play until we were all tired or were getting angry at the game.  Everyone would be laughing, making jokes, and playing 2k20 every single night.  

It gave people new friends while we couldn’t see each other and a way to pass time.  Everyone would create their own players.  Say someone wanted to make a point guard, another would create a shooting guard, and the other would be a center.  They would all load into the park and hope to get a win streak going while making highlights.  Occasionally, people would be able to do 3 v 3 on an open court against all their friends which is where the best memories came from.

A game that can create that many memories and get you through rough times deserves to be the best sports game of all time.