COVID brings new rules to MLB


Alin Ademi, Section Editor

Baseball fans across the country are very excited that baseball is back, with the MLB Spring Season underway. After the 2020 season was shortened, with games not beginning until July 23,2020, the season just wasn’t the same. 

But this year baseball will begin as scheduled and big MLB fans such as freshman Jack Bauer are happy. “I am excited for it to be back because I enjoy watching baseball and hope to get to go to a game,” he said.

Hopefully fans like Bauer will be able to attend some games but the MLB has taken precautionary measures due to Covid 19. All team members must wear a mask in the dugouts and on base and they will be constantly tested. “I think the MLB had it figured out so they will not have to shut down because if the NBA and NCAA and NFL have it down they have to be able to figure it out. Also I think fans won’t be an issue,” Bauer. 

In Texas the mask mandate has been lifted. This means that the Texas Rangers stadium is having full capacity for the upcoming season. Most teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers are only having 25 percent capacity to begin the season so for the Brewers it will be 11-12,000 fans. 

Freshman Ethan Prophet hopes to get to some games this season.”I would like to go to a game. I am a big fan of the Brewers and cannot wait to watch,” he said.

In addition to capacity limits, Brewer fans will not be ion. allowed to tailgate,and no carry ins will be allowed at new American Family Field. These rules will be enforced starting on opening day, April 1. 

Fans hope that they will be able to tailgate at some point during the season. “I am sad about tailgating because it is the best part about the Brewers games,” junior Will Vaile said.