Senior Spotlight: Jacob Martin


Matthew Gutierrez, Staff Writer

 Senior Jacob Martin is not only a starting varsity football player but he has gone even closer to the real world because he graduated early and is now working full time. 

“I decided to graduate early because I am going into the Marines and just wanted to be done with school since I had my required credits necessary,” he said.

Martin has set his plan for his future and is now closer to achieving it by enlisting in the Marines. He has kept himself since graduating by working a job at the zoo. “Since I’ve graduated early I work during the day at the zoo and go back to school for practice after, as well as spending a lot of time with the guys,” he said.

He really likes his job. “I like how flexible and easy the job is. Right now I am working the front gates but I will start working the ropes and zip line course soon. The job is not too strict and I wouldn’t say it is any harder because I am an adult,” he said.

Although he is done with school and working a job, high school is an important chapter of anyone’s life and Jacob enjoyed it.  “High school was fun. I learned a lot, met people I’ll know for a long time, and got to grow and learn as a person. My favorite memory from high school would be breaking the deadlift record lifting 480 lbs,” he said.

Martin  also talked about his future career plans and what he wishes to do. “After high school I am looking forward to seeing all the places I can go since I never got to travel growing up or in high school,” he said. 

He is excited to join the Marines. “I’ve always wanted to do something in the military because of the veterans I’ve seen growing up and how good of men they are. That was something that I looked at and told myself that’s what I wanted to be like, disciplined, strong, and good character. That was the kind of man I wanted to be,” he said.