The Brusty Beaker Breakdown: What should the Packers do with Aaron Rodgers?



I believe that the best thing to do in this situation right now is to trade Aaron Rodgers.  Right now, it is looking like he is not happy in Green Bay and doesn’t want to play.  Knowing Rodgers, he is the type of person to sit out and not play if he doesn’t want to play.  Since he is coming off of an MVP season, his trade value right now is the highest it will ever be.  

Saying that, I think the best option is to send him somewhere out of the NFC North and get Jordan Love a target for his first season as a starter.  My ideal trade?  Raiders TE Darren Waller and DE Yannick Ngakoue for Rodgers.  

This is a great situation for both teams.  The Raiders get the quarterback they are in dire need of while still keeping targets like Ruggs, Snead, and Brown to throw to.  For the Packers, you get a deadly TE duo of Big Bob Tonyan and Waller to give even more support to Love.  You also strengthen the defense adding Ngakoue to the line.

I believe that Jordan Love is ready to have a shot at being a starting QB in the NFL considering he was a first round draft pick.  He has had a year under Rodgers and that is some of the best training you can receive.



I think the Packers should let Aaron Rodgers do whatever he wants. If he wants a trade, trade him. If he wants to retire, let him retire. Many green and gold fans believe the Packers should fire GM Brian Gutekunst because A Rod doesn’t like him, but that to me is not a valid decision to make at all. Although he hasn’t done great things to the Packers organization, it isn’t logical to fire a GM because the quarterback wants that. The quarterback doesn’t make the front office decisions. 

If the Packers and another team can manufacture a decent trade for preferably a playmaker on the outside in exchange for Rodgers, and maybe a linebacker or some picks I think that would be ideal for Green Bay. 

However, I think that the known stubborn personality of Rodgers is going to end up winning here and he is going to retire after an MVP season. The Packers should be open to all types of trades from other teams, and go through with the best one that will help them contend in 2021, and help Jordan Love succeed in his first year under center.