The Flash: Season 7 review

The Flash: Season 7 review

Arian Jazayeri, Staff Writer

Superhero TV shows and movies are very popular these days, and The Flash which airs on the CW, came out with season 7 in March, and season 8 debuts next month. The new season has a lot of mixed reviews, and the new season’s plot, which is about the Flash and his team trying to defeat the villain Eva Mucholoch, is thought by some to be too sudden and distant from the original plot, while others thought it was good.

Junior Sophia Theil watches The Flash “I like Superhero shows because they’re always full of action, specifically I like the Flash because I like its characters, especially Cisco because he’s funny, and the show always leaves me on the edge of my seat.” 

The Flash actors: Grant Gustin as The Flash, Efrat Dor as Eva Mucholloch (The season’s current villain), Candice Patton, as Irish West (The Wife of The Flash), Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon  (Flash’s best friend), and Danielle Panbaker as Caitlin Snow, (the teams doctor).

According to many fans, The Flash was great in the first few seasons, but ever since season 4, They feel like The Flash has been on a steady decline. The rating was 7 in the first season, but it has declined to a 5 point rating in the new season. 

“I used to love watching The Flash, but I’ve lost my interest ever since season 4. I don’t like the new season. I think their plot is poorly written, and the new villains are so bad,” freshman Swei Sanid said.

Though many fans dislike the new plot of the show, there are still those who like the new season and are looking forward to season 8.

“Season 7 was really short, but I still liked the episodes and I’ll definitely watch season 8 when it comes out. I think the writers have their hands tied a bit because of covid, but they are still giving us a pretty good show,” freshman Altaha Abbas said. 

Many fans also believe that the show was rushed because instead of the normal 21-22 episodes per season, season 7 only had 18 episodes. At first, fans thought that this meant that the plot would be richer and the episodes longer, but they were quickly disappointed. 

“I don’t think the new season will be any better than the previous one. The Flash has been in a steady decline and I don’t think that the writers will change much to at least try and salvage the original path of the show,” freshman Swei Sanid said.

Many fans are still waiting for season 8 to make their final opinion about the show.

“I had a neutral opinion about the new season, I am currently waiting for season 8. Once I watch it I can conclude my final opinion of The Flash – if it’s lost or not,” sophomore Abu Awad Yousef said. 

Season 6 ended shortly because of Covid, and in the new seasons the characters couldn’t get close to each other because of social distancing, but there are some who still like the show and think that the new plot is good. 

“I really liked season 6. I was disappointed when season 6 had to end early because of Covid, but I was glad when the first episodes of season 7 were picking up on things and continuing what happened in season 6,” freshman Altaha Abbas said.

Fans will see what happens to The Flash when season 8 comes out. Will the writers salvage the plot or come up with a new one to entertain fans, or will the show stop in its tracks?