Students participate with destructive vandalism in TikTok trend


Highschool bathrooms closed because of the Devious Licks trend.

Alin Ademi, Section Editor

Recent events called “Devious Licks” have been happening in the bathrooms at GHS This all started on a TikTok trend which showed students stealing soap dispensers, toilet paper, breaking sinks/mirrors, and even stealing school keys and smartboards. The students would then post it on Tik Tok and get millions of views,and recently students have been participating in this trend in GHS. ”I go on Tik Tok every single day for a long time. I’ve seen over a 100 of these and some are really funny but most of them are stupid and dumb,”  sophomore Alyssa Schwartz said.

At GHS students have been stealing soap dispensers, toilet paper, and breaking the urinals in the boys bathroom. In response to these actions the custodians have been closing the bathrooms, making it hard for students to find one in time to make it to their next class. “It takes a while to find a bathroom. I need to walk around the whole school, it takes time and makes me miss class content,” sophomore Esabella Kreitlow said.

The main reason students are participating in the  “Devious Licks trend” is to get views on Tik Tok, and to show how funny they are. But some students think otherwise, such as sophomore Alexander Klaus. “I’ve seen the devious licks trend all over my FYP on Tik Tok. At first I thought it was really funny, but then students started taking the trend to a whole new level. Now it’s plain out disrespectful and I do not like it,” he said.

Administrators are trying to stop these individuals from committing these acts. As a result, they made a rule that you cannot use the bathroom in the first 10 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class.“I don’t like it because some people are rushed to school and not able to go or even just in the middle of the day you have to go. I also believe we should be able to go whenever,” sophomore Collin Kramp said.

They have also asked students to fill out a chart to show how long you were in the bathroom.”We have addressed these issues in ACP and built awareness around them because we do not want this especially if it’s not safe,” he said. Associate principal Chris Del Ponte and the Greendale staff have been very concerned about what people are doing such as stealing soap dispensers, breaking things, and writing on stall doors. ”I’m concerned because the intent is to harm others and we do not want that,” he said.