The Milwaukee Brewers season comes to a tough ending


#39, Corbin Burnes

Alin Ademi, Section Editor


It was a disappointing end to the season for the Milwaukee Brewers who ended the season 95-67-0 in first place but lost to the Braves in the first round of the playoffs.

  Going into the playoffs many Brewers fans had high hopes that they could make it to the World Series. “I thought the Brewers were gonna go to the World Series with their pitching because of Burnes, Peralta, and Woodruff. They would carry the role of starting pitcher. I knew their hitting was not going to go very well, but I thought they could clutch up for the playoffs,” sophomore Dylan Campeau said.

Unfortunately, Campeau was right about the hitting. The Brewers were the 1 seed in the playoffs and played the Atlanta Braves who finished with a record of 88-73. The Brewers won the first game 2-1 after a great pitching game and a two-run home run by Rowdy Tellez. 

However, they just couldn’t hit the ball during the series. The next three games went by and the Braves beat the Brewers 3-1. “I knew from the beginning of the series with the Braves that we weren’t going to do well. We just couldn’t hit the ball,” sophomore John Pankowski said. “I knew that we couldn’t just rely on our pitching, especially against really good teams. But, I was still very upset when the Brewers lost. I felt like they could’ve put up a way better fight. Their pitching was great but their hitting was awful. They just couldn’t hit the ball like I thought.”

The Atlanta Braves went on to play the Houston Astros in the World Series and they won 4-2. 

 One of the biggest disappointments for the Brewers this year was the play of star players Christian Yelich, who did not perform the best this season compared to his MVP season in 2018. After 2018 there has been a downfall of his batting average and his playing time.

Despite his poor performance, the Brewers got as far as they did in the playoffs because the Brewers made many trades that improved their team such as acquiring Willy Adames,Eduardo Escobar, and Rowdy Tellez. These three players made a very substantial difference in the Brewers record. 

Before the Adames trade on May 21, their record was 21-24, and after they picked him up they were 95-67. First and third basemen Escobar made a huge impact on the record for the Brewers. He batted .268 with 22 home runs. 

Also, clutch hitter Tellez hit 11 home runs which helped the Brewers batting out. ”I think all of the trades the Brewers made were a step in the right direction for the Brewers and all of the Brewers fans. We get to finally see the management making moves attempting to build a team for a playoff run,” sophomore Luke Trentadue said.

Due to Corbin Burnes’ excellent pitching season and exceptional playoff performance, he was recently announced as one of the NL Cy Young finalists. The Cy Young award is given annually to the best pitchers in MLB. Last year’s winners were Trevor Bauer and Shane Bieber.