Senior Spotlight: Leah Widlarz


Leah Widlarz is a very involved senior here at GHS who is involved in sports as well as extracurriculars. She’s on the poms team, in Sources of Strength, Educators Rising, and is a  dancer in the marching band.

“I like being in Sources of Strength because it’s super fun and helps bring positivity to our school,” she said. She has also been dancing at Anita’s Dance Studio for the past 13 years. 

One of Widlarz favorite school activities is going to football games. “I love that I get to perform with poms, but also watch the game during the second half. I also enjoy going to all of the school dances, especially this year’s Homecoming,” she said.

Widlarz has taken many classes and has had many different teachers, but her two favorite teachers are Social Studies teacher Sarah Walczak and English teacher Natalie Cook. “They have always been so supportive of me and are amazing role models. If I had to pick a favorite subject, I would choose math, which is what I want to teach,” she said. 

Widlarz has many favorite memories of high school but some of them include the trip she has been on like going to California for marching band and going to Disney World for poms. “I loved being able to have amazing performance opportunities and spend time with some of my best friends,” Widlarz said. 

When she graduates Widlarz plans on going to college, and although she isn’t sure where she wants to go yet, she plans on studying education. She wants to stay in-state for college and go to a pretty small school that has a good education program. “I’m planning on majoring in Education, either elementary or secondary. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and recently have been interested in becoming a middle school math teacher,” she said. 

She also plans on continuing to dance through college, whether that be on a dance team for the school or just a club for fun. “I love dancing and definitely want to find a way to still do that in the future. I’m also interested in meeting lots of new people and possibly studying abroad,” she said.