Student Spotlight: Grayson Sinks


Javon Murry, Staff Writer

Multi-Sport Athlete takes care of business on and off of the field Greendale has produced many athletes who play multiple sports but none are quite like junior baseball, basketball, and soccer player Grayson Sinks

Sinks has been playing sports for as long as he can remember, but as the seasons come and go he can never decide on which sport is his favorite. “For me it changes every year. This year, I feel soccer has been it and will be it for the rest of my life. The high school soccer season really made me notice how much I loved the game, with friends and teammates helping, making my season a blast,” he said.

An extremely important aspect of being a student-athlete is being a leader in the class
room. Sinks currently has a 3.8 GPA and enjoys school. “I’d say Yearbook is probably my favorite class right now. With one of my best friends Cason Wilson, he makes it a blast. We come up with great ideas to incorporate in the yearbook,” Sinks said.

Being a part of three sports at once can be challenging, and it without a doubt can get in the way of your social life and impact how much time you get to spend with your friends. Sinks can honestly say that throughout all of his training and games he still can find a way to just be a kid. “Certain parts of the year are really har d for me to hang out with friends because I have practices every day and games or tournaments on the weekend. I feel like I manage it pretty well and get a good amount of time in my life to hang with them,” he said. 

Playing three sports is going to take a toll on the body. Being able to adapt to new schedules year-round is tough especially when you have practices for two different sports scheduled within the same day. “I think the hardest part about playing three sports is picking which one I wanted to go to, on days that I have both. It was really hard to say the least because I have passion for all three,” Sinks said.

Sinks plans on continuing to play all three sports for his upcoming senior year and will strive to be the best student he possibly can.