Spiderman: No Way Home is a hit with fans – spoiler alerts


Arian Jazayeri, Staff Writer

The new Spiderman movie Spiderman: No Way Home hit theaters on Friday Dec 17, and thousands of fans worldwide booked tickets to watch the movie right when it came out. 

Many Greendale students were part of the wave of people hitting the theaters to watch the new movie, and there are many expectations and mixed reviews about the movie. 

“I was one of the first to see the movie on Friday, and I loved the movie. It had action, some comedy, and overall it was great. It definitely met my expectations for the movie,” freshman Swei Sanid said.

Some people didn’t see it right away, but saw it over break. 

“I couldn’t see the movie on Friday, but I saw it over break and I thought it was great. It was action packed, funny, and was great,” sophomore Abu Awad Yousef said.

The movie starts out from the end of Spiderman Far From Home that came out two years ago, when everyone learnt the Identity of Spiderman. Peter Parker, now Spiderman (played by Tom Holland), seeks to reverse this outcome, but fails and breaks the universe.  

There are a lot of mixed reviews on the new Spiderman movie. 

“I thought the movie was good, it wasn’t bad nor was it amazing, it’s in the middle,” freshman Matthew Peters said. 

Although some people think it was good, there are others who disagree.

“It was a decent movie, but I was expecting more action, and I think Spider man’s aunt dying wasn’t needed and could’ve been prevented,” freshman Altaha Abbas said

One of the biggest surprises of the movie was that Tom Holland’s predecessors, Andrew Garfiled and Toby McGuire, made an appearance in the movie, as Spiderman from another universe, and it was not not just them, but their enemies as well. 

“I heard rumors, but I wasn’t sure that this was actually true. I’m happy it was. It was a great surprise that made the movie even better.” freshman Amanuel Akele said.

“I was very happy when I saw the old Spidermans and their villains. The villains were cool and it added some perspective to them,” Peters said. 

Overall many people enjoyed the new Spiderman movie, and think that the writers have done a great job, but now fans have to wait for the next movie to see what happens in this world where no one knows who Peter Parker is.