New Starbucks coming to Greendale


Ellie Myers, Editor-in-Chief

Starbucks is a place loved by coffee addicts and teenagers alike, and recently it has been announced that a new Starbucks will open on 76th St. in Greendale, right by Martin Luther High School.

The president of Greendale Jason Cyborowski believes that this new business will help benefit Greendale. “I believe that it will help tax revenue and the land has been vacant, and will help 76th St. and will help the area look more attractive and bring in more business. I also assume that they will be shutting down the Starbucks right next to Kopps,” he stated.

The Starbucks will be open by the end of this year and they have already started construction. Along with construction starting many people have shared their opinions on the new Starbucks arriving, as many are not happy because they feel it will hurt the local coffee shop in Greendale on Main St. called Broad Street Coffee Co.

The president shared that the village hall has received many complaints about the new competition for Broad Street Coffee Co. “We have received many complaints about the new Starbucks, and it is just like Walmart. We cannot tell them no to what they want to place in that land since they bought it and can do what they wish with it,” he stated.

Many GHS students have been talking about the new shop. Some believe it will have little to no effect on the local coffee shop. “I am for it. I feel like it will bring more to the community and have new job experiences so close to a high school. I think only the elderly citizens of Greendale go to that shop so I believe they will not lose much business,” sophomore Eli Dennis said.

Other students are very excited for this addition in the community.“I am definitely for there being a new Starbucks in the community. I have a caffeine addiction and I need a reason to stop drinking Monsters,” grade sophomore BreAnna Fraizer said.

Many others are worried about Broad St. Coffee Co. having a decrease in customers and business once the new Starbucks is open. “I definitely believe that Starbucks is going to get more attention than the coffee shop and they will have a decline in business,” sophomore Ilannie Zanola said.

Since the controversy because of the local coffee shop, some questions were asked to the owners on their opinions on the new competition.