Spider-Man No Way Home is a must see movie


Ellie Myers, Staff Writer

As somebody who grew up watching these Spider-Man films I was blown away by how incredible they made this movie and how it outlived all the hype of the months of talk on social media.

Spider-Man No Way Home hit box offices December 17th of 2021. It has been the very first movie to make over 1 billion dollars since 2019, before the start of Covid-19. Along with receiving 93% in Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is directed by John Watts. Written by Chris McKenna and Erik Summers. Along with starring Peter Parker (Tom Holland) MJ (Zendaya) Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and many others.

The Spiderman movie starts moments after the ending of the second film Spiderman Far From Home. Right when Mysterio reveals to the entire world that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and blames Peter for his death. Blaming the entire disaster in London on Peter saying his drones ‘attacked’ him. Cutting parts of the audio for it to work in his favor by histeam once he was dead.

The movie captures exactly how the world would react in this situation, especially when it is Peter’s first day back to school for his Junior year of high school. Students with their phones pointed at him, treating him as if he is not human, along with his teachers who bombard him with questions and conspiracy theories against him and believing Mysterio.

The movie perfectly captures teen relationships with Peter and Mj, the awkwardness, and the stress of school getting into a good college. I also loved the devotion they gave Peter in this film to try and help his friends get the opportunities taken away from him by the media finding out his identity. But things quickly get out of hand when he visits Dr. Strange pleading for a way to change what has been done. 

I was completely amazed when Octoman appeared on screen, they amplified the fighting scenes in this movie and gave suspense throughout the film. My first thought when they were going to be bringing some of the familiar villains from previous Spider-Man movies was are

they going to make it terrible. Because some of these characters from these films many fans were unimpressed or they did not like the way the characters ending was played out.

I liked how they saw the villains in a more humanity aspect and tried to help them instead of just stopping their evil plan. Fixing Dr. Oct Octavius’ mechanical arms so he was back in control. Along with trying to develop a cure for all of the characters, especially Green Goblin where his Bipolar Disorder was much overlooked in the Tobey Maguire films.

I did also like that they do mentition they acknowledge that the characters do look different in this universe, most specifically Electro on how he is no longer blue and cannot see the electricity flow through him.

I was also very surprised how they incorporated humor throughout the movie and it did not feel forced throughout and felt natural when these characters were having conversations.

But I did despite how they did May Parker’s death. It was extremely unexpected and I did not believe another death was needed to in a way motivate Peter to keep going. It was heartbreaking in Peter’s life; he’s lost his mother, father, uncle, and his most recent father figure Tony Stark and now his only family left.

Then Ned and Mj try to see Peter after they see what has happened to May on the news. Opening a portal to see Spider-Man. I was absolutely in awe as I saw him run towards the portal and seeing the familiar suit. Seeing him pull off his mask, Andrew Garfield back in the suit was amazing. Everyone in my theater was screaming with joy. Then to see the Toby Maguire step through the two Spider-Man I had watched when I was little appear in the same room was an absolute dream come true for somebody like me who has been a fan of these films since as long as I can remember.

I loved how much they incorporated friendship into this film and how they had Ned and Mj comfort Peter with May’s death and the raw emotion it gave their audience. To really feel what the characters are feeling at this moment.