Ice Force Hockey Season Coming to an end


#7 Junior, Mason Trinkner, #19 Junior, Quinn Bradford

Iris Oliveras, Staff Writer

Of the many sports at Greendale, one of the sports that most students don’t know much about is the Ice Force hockey team. The hockey team is a Co-op one with surrounding school districts including Franklin, Greenfield, Oak Creek, Muskego, and a few others. There are three Greendale students that play for the team: juniors Quinn Bradford, and Mason Trinkner, and sophomore Michael Olech.

This team is different from others considering they don’t practice at the high school, they play their games outside Greendale, therefore not many students go to the games. Though there are still few students like to go. “I’ve been going pretty much the entire season. My family actually really loves watching the games and it’s become a fun thing to go to as a family,” senior Chloe Coombs said.

Coombs encourages others to check out the games. “The games were always super fun and exciting. It was a great atmosphere! We went to almost every game,” Coombs said.

Most of the players have experience outside of the school team and have been playing from a young age for different teams. “I play spring hockey and summer hockey for multiple teams such as Tuskers or Wehl in the fall,” Trinkner said.

When it came to the club team feel, Trinkner, along with other players,said the school team was very similar to the club feel. “It almost feels like playing club hockey again, however I already knew every person on my team from past teams so it wasn´t that weird,” Bradford said.

The team had a good season with a record of 15-7. “We had beaten teams that our program had never beaten before, and for the first time ever we had a winning record,” Bradford said.

Along with this winning record they defeated the odds by beating an unexpected team, University School. “We weren’t expected to win. It was their senior night, and we have never beaten this team before. We were the away team, and against all odds, we pulled it off and won 4-1, and the energy throughout the whole game was insane,” Bradford said. 

The season ended with a second round loss to Brookfield in the playoffs.