Wrestling Comes to an End with trip to state for Sincere


Cayden Krutina, Staff Writer

Returning after the last two years of uncertainty, the boy’s wrestling season comes to an end, with a record of 19-9, sending two athletes to state, one from Geendale, senior David Sincere. The wrestling team, called Whitdale, is composed of athletes from Greendale and Whitnall. This year, there were only 8 athletes from Greendale.

The wrestling team is now saying goodbye to Sincere, the only Greendale senior on the team, as well as the only state qualifier. Sincere, whose goal was to qualify for the State Tournament, is very proud of qualifying. 

He advanced to state after placing well at the Sectional meet at 113 lbs. At the State meet he lost, but he placed in the top 16. This brings the end to his wrestling career for now. “Unfortunately, due to my current plans after college, I am not continuing to wrestle after high school, but I currently have a couple of alternate plans related to wrestling after high school,” Sincere said. 

Wrestling, which is commonly marketed as a sport to train during the off-season, has many benefits to multi-sport athletes. Some of these benefits include staying in shape during the off-season, as well as getting to know other of your classmates. 

Sophomore Noah Koss, a multi-sport athlete, speaks on the benefits of wrestling. ‘I would recommend it to others if they are willing to push themselves and try to become better physically. It requires a lot of skill and you need to be really well conditioned,” Koss said. 

Sincere has really appreciated what the sport has done for him. “I enjoy wrestling so much and am extremely happy about my performance this year,” Sincere said. “I am really going to miss the relationship between my teammates and I, since we grow to know and care for each other like a family. ”