Flying into Spring Break


Izaiah Correa, Staff Writer

With Spring Break starting in a few weeks on March 21 many students have plans with friends and family to travel, whether it be in the country or outside the country. Due to covid and strict traveling the past two years, everyone is ready to go on vacation. 

Senior Zach Sheridan is traveling to Cancun, Mexico with Danijela Gallo, Gabby Gilbertson, and Brandon Labeau. “I’m looking forward to enjoying the warm weather and celebrating my birthday over the break,” Sheridan said. “We are all staying there for a week and it will be very fun.”

Junior Mariah Casiano is also traveling outside of the country. “I am going to Puerto Rico with my dad, brother, cousin, and boyfriend.” “We are staying for a week and I am most excited for horseback riding on the beach,” she said.

Junior Gigi Trujillo is traveling to the Dominican Republic. “I will be in the DR for a week with my family with me,” she said. “I’m looking forward to trying new foods and exploring new activities.” 

Others are traveling to places in the United States. A popular destination is Disney. Junior Alex Spottek is going to Disney for spring break. “I am looking forward to being in Disney again since I love that place and experiencing the Keys,” said Spottek. “ I will be on this trip with my dad and we will be staying for five days down south.” 

Sophomore Hannah Patneaude is also going to Disney in Florida. Patneaude loves spring break because of not being in school and being able to go on vacation. “My family decided to go there again because it has been so long,” she said. “I’m looking forward to being in the nice warm weather for a long time with my sister, mom, and dad.” 

Junior Joe Morzy will be going to Arizona for spring break. “I’m looking forward to being in the warm weather and doing all of the activities that are there. I will be there with my mom, dad, brother, and sister and we will be there for 4 days,” he said.