Poms travel to Disney World


Maddie Grenier, Staff Writer

Recently the poms team traveled to Disney World, in Orlando FL to perform in a parade. They were there for five days and did many fun activities like going to Disney Springs, having a pool day, going to a dance party, and attending a hip hop class.  This was a special parade in particular because it was the Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary parade, and there were a total of 18 different high school teams from around the midwest performing in the parade. 

Since covid was a big problem last year, the girls did not get to go to Disney World because it would be unsafe to go. For lots of the girls this is their favorite part of the season so they were upset that they couldn’t go last year, which made this year even more special. “After not being able to go to Disney last year, I was even more excited than usual to go this year. It’s my favorite part of the poms season, so I was super happy I’d be able to go my senior year,” senior Leah Widlarz said. 

The girls worked very hard all year for this moment. They competed in many competitions and went to camps to prepare for this. In August they went to the Midwest Grand Championship and the top teams qualified to be in the parade, which Greendale was. The parade takes place at Magic Kingdom and all the girls wear matching uniforms and dance around the whole park. “The performance was so much fun. It’s so cool to see so many people watching you as you dance by team. I was really tired because we did the dance 8-10 times in a row, but it was worth it,” senior Sarah Granberg said. 

While the team was there they did lots of fun activities. On the first day when they arrived they went over to Disney Springs for dinner and shopping. They also had time to spend at the pool and tan, go to the parks and go on the rides, and dance parties with all the other poms teams. “My favorite thing on the trip was going to Magic Kingdom at night and going on rides while watching the fireworks with all my best friends,” sophomore Abigail Hajewski said. 

When the poms team came back from Florida they had one more competition to end the season. They prepared a lot for the competition and it definitely paid off. They competed in the Badgerette 2022 Spirit Showdown, which was hosted at Brookfield East High School. They competed with four group routines, one small group, and three solos. Overall they did very well and got first place on three of the group routines, and second place on the other. It was a successful competition to end the season.