Twitter Faces New Owner


Nathan Dineen, Staff Writer

Elon Musk is one of the most influential people and  richest men in the world. Musk is the owner of the widely known electric car company called Tesla, which has revolutionized the transportation world with his very popular electric cars. 

Due to Musk’s recent success, he has accumulated a net worth of over $264 billion. Musk has not only revolutionized the electric car industry, but also many other things such as his SpaceX program. 

Because of Musk’s major success, he is perceived as a very credible person and a lot of people support him. “It is quite exciting and interesting to watch Elon Musk because of his ability to practically do anything. Musk is the richest man on earth and he is a strange public figure so it is really exciting to see what he does,” senior Logan Hopper said. 

Now Musk hopes to add to his success. On March 14, he announced that he was going to become a shareholder at Twitter, purchasing 9.1 percent of the company and was briefly the biggest shareholder of Twitter. But didn’t feel satisfied so on April 14, he proposed a business inquiry to Twitter, offering to buy 100 percent of Twitter for .54 cents a share cash which is equivalent to $43 billion. On April 25, Twitter accepted his offer.

Musk wanted to buy Twitter as he feels that people should have the right to free speech on the platform. Freedom of speech on Twitter has been a hot topic after former President Donald Trump was banned, even though there are leaders of terrorist groups who are potentially more dangerous and have active accounts on the platform. 

“I think it is great that Elon Musk purchased all of Twitter because I feel like he has strong political and social beliefs and I think that he could use Twitter to continue to advance his company,” said senior Matthew Gutierrez. “Elon Musk is one of the most influential people in recent history and I’m curious to see what he does with Twitter and where he takes it.”

Many users are excited and wondering what he will be doing with the company, but the biggest changes that users can expect are loosening content rules, making sure that users are real, and even editing tweets after you post them.