Students Enjoy Powderpuff Game and Bonfire


Anjalee Napierala, Staff Writer

GHS Students cheer on team Jazzy and team Funky

Team Jazzy and Team Funky played competitively on Sept. 22 in the traditional Homecoming Powderpuff Game. The game ended with a score of 24-6 with Team Jazzy taking the win. A bonfire followed shortly after and the huge flames kept students and staff warm against the cold temperatures.

A large crowd with students, staff, and parents cheered the two teams filled stands as school spirit was high and the cheers were loud.

“This year’s Powder Puff crowd was the largest I’ve seen in my seven years at Greendale,” Jerad Galante, Activity and Athletic Director, said. “To see the entire student section filled to capacity with students in blue and purple to support their favorite Team Funky and Team Jazzy players was a very neat sight to see.”

The senior girls played with a lot of effort, in what was supposed to be flag football, but some tackling and arguments occurred.

“I think the game got a little rougher than most people thought it would. There were also a few people on Team Jazzy who had their flags tucked or their shirt over their flags, which made grabbing the flags much harder,” senior Samantha Glatczak of team Funky said. 

But that did not stop the fun. Senior members from both Team Jazzy and Team Funky enjoyed the game.

“After the game I was exhausted. There was a lot of effort that was put into getting ready for the game as well as promoting the game so other students would go cheer us on,” Glatczak said.

Afterwards, the traditional bonfire was held with everyone welcome.

“The bonfire was really nice. I enjoyed reuniting with some of the girls who played the Powderpuff game and staying warm,” senior Ava Schmidt said.

Though the powderpuff game may have caused some drama, at the end of the day it was a fun and enjoyable game. The bonfire helped fight the cold and brought everyone together. This traditional game and bonfire will continue to live on in GHS with this year’s junior girls who want to participate in their Senior year.