Students show interest in Photography Class


Seniors Cayden Krutina and Madelyn Nogalski

Ashley Turdo, Staff Writer

As the school year gets underway, many students can be seen taking photos in the hallway. These students are in Photography class, an elective available to all students in any grade. Students learn more about how to take and edit photos, as well as the principles and elements of photography. 

For people who never knew that GHS has a photography class it actually runs every year. Art Photo 1 is the first photography class students can take and if students really enjoy it they can take Art Photo 2, which adds on to the ideas students learn in the first class. 

Normally 2 sections of Photo 1 run each year, 1 per semester. The normal class size is about 17,” photography teacher Pam Merkel said. 

Because of the reinforcement of the phone policy, students can no longer use their phones to take photos, so photography students are using canon rebels this year. 

“I like using a camera because the quality is higher and it makes me feel more professional,” senior Cayden Krutina said. I like it and it’s really fun to capture fun moments with my friends.”

Photography students aren’t only in the class to learn about the camera, but are also assigned service shots each week. Students need to take five pictures a week of students doing interesting things like football games, soccer games, Homecoming, or any school event. At school events photography students are allowed access closer to the field or event to take pictures.

“The weekly service shots work as a photojournalism component in class. Student’s photos are shared with the yearbook staff, Mr. Lodes and the district Public Relations person,” Merkel said. “They are then used for the yearbook, on the district web page and on their social media accounts. It provides a real world experience that relates to photography as a potential career path.”

In addition to taking photos, students learn about principles and elements of photography, how to edit and use photoshop, and all the components in how to get the perfect shot on a camera. These lessons can be used outside of just the assignments. 

“Photography is an art form that is highly motivating to students,” Merkel said.  “Now that social media is such a huge part of your daily lives, taking better photos takes more than luck.”

Students may take photography classes to learn about all different kinds of things. 

“I got interested in taking photography because I like taking pictures with my phone,” senior Kendall Beavers said. “So I thought I might like using a better camera and taking better pictures.”

Photography class could be a class that has more students involved, especially if students are interested in all the activities involved. “I would recommend it,” Beavers said. “It’s fun and easy going.”