Packers Season Starting Out Strong


Collin Kramp, Staff Writer

The Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin’s favorite sports team, ended 2021-2022 with a heartbreaking loss in the NFC divisional round against the San Francisco 49ers. Being a 1 seed many fans had high expectations, but once again the team couldn’t just get the job done. 

This offseason was a rollercoaster of emotions with the drama of whether Aaron Rodgers would be leaving or retiring. But that drama wasn’t the only one, Davante Adams arguably the best Wr in the NFL, requested a trade and ended up getting traded to the Las Vegas Raiders, and there are many fears that he doesn’t have enough weapons for the upcoming season.

”Rodgers is short-handed but still, he has talent around him, I think Allen Lazard will be his guy this year and Rodgers will target him a lot, ” junior John Pankowski said. 

The season began September 10 against, a divisional opponent the Minnesota Vikings. The whole game GreenBay’s defense was leaving Minnesota’s receivers wide open, leading to quick offensive scores. For the Packers nothing was working except the run, making it hard to keep up with the Vikings through two halves, and they lost 23-7. “I was not nervous at all after the embarrassment of losing the season opener, that bad it almost reminded me of last year we were in the same situation losing the season opener.” junior Jack Bauer said. 

The Packers looked to bounce back in a week 2 matchup against their divisional rival the Chicago Bears, and they did just that with a solid performance from Rodgers and the defense. It was a very exciting game at home with all the fans there watching the Packers crush the bears 27-10. A lot of important plays in the game leading the Packers to this win, “ When Jaire picked that pass off, I knew it was game and we would once again beat the bears.” junior Cody Sanchez said.

The Packers faced a tough week 3 opponent where and travel to Tampa to play Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. The Packer’s defense stepped up by only allowing 12 points to what people say is the best QB ever, leading the Packers to a win of 14-12, making the Packers have a record of 2-1. ”What the Packers did in week 3 against the Buccaneers was very impressive and was a statement, even if our offense wasn’t producing at a high level we can rely on our defense,” junior James Napierala said. 

The Packers come back home for a week 4 matchup against the New England Patriots and end up beating the Patriots 27-24 a nail bitter finish, with a Mason Crosby game-winning field goal. 

This week the Packers will travel across the pond to play the 3-1 New York Giants at 8:30 am in London, where they looking to improve to 4-1.