Students unhappy about new E-Hall pass


Ben Perleberg, Staff Writer

The E-Hallpass has stirred up some controversy over the past couple of weeks since it was incorporated. Students and staff members have mixed feelings about the paper pass counterpart.

Administration made a decision to incorporate this system into classes. E-Hallpass is a website in which students fill out an electronic pass to be excused from class. This pass needs to be accepted by the teacher before the student leaves.

“It limits hallway traffic keeping students engaged in class,” Associate Principal Mark Pollex stated. “The number of students leaving class decreased with the cap of only two, 7-minute passes”

Raising a hand in class to use the bathroom is nothing new to anyone, but adding the extra step of filling out an online pass can cause some classroom issues. If the teacher is in the middle of a lesson, a bathroom pass is the last thing they have on their mind.

“I don’t like this pass at all,” senior Matt Paul said. “It isn’t very convenient, all I have to do is use the bathroom.” 

Another problem facing students is they only get two, 7-minute passes a day. Someone who has to use the bathroom more than twice is completely out of luck. 

“I have a weak bladder, I’m going to need to use the bathroom more than twice a day,” senior Jake Gajewski said.

Although students don’t like it, many teachers like the new system. “I love the organization the hall pass provides,” stated math teacher Darek Nelson.

Whether opinions are mixed about this pass or not, the controversy over this will continue throughout the year.