Students and staff have mixed reviews about homecoming


Students dancing in the MPR at Homecoming

AJ Randolph, Staff Writer

The Homecoming week was a success and the big event that concluded the week was the dance. Originally the dance was planned to be outside, but due to bad weather it was changed to the MPR. 

Senior Mallory Skaar had an issue with that, “I prefer it outside because you don’t get hot and sweaty like you do inside,” Skaar said, “Other than that It was super fun.” 

Freshman Ahmad Qasem also wishes it was outside, “I prefer if it was outside because indoors it was so hot. It would be a way better experience.”  

Although freshmen Ahmad has never had the outside experience, from what many other students have talked about he believes that outside would probably have been the better option. Many people had different opinions from the dance to where the event was being held. 

Despite the MPR being that Junior Avery Olson Enjoyed the dance, “I really liked the dance I had fun with my girlfriend,” he stated.  

For freshmen like Qasem,  it was their first Homecoming dance this year, “I was shocked I was expecting a totally different experience,” Qasem stated, “In middle school, nobody opens up, dances, or have good time. They all think they’re too cool or it’s weird. In high school nobody cares or judges you.”

Student Council advisor Amy Nuzzarello was pleased with the outcome of the dance. 

“I think the dance went great! While I was outside of the MPR for a the majority of it, I did see so many students coming to get water and take a break from dancing because they were having so much fun in the MPR,” Nuzzarello said. “I also heard the music our DJ was blasting and so many songs got the crowd excited! At the end of the night I saw lots of smiles from students leaving, so I take that as a great sign as well.” 

One of the teacher chaperones Jennifer McCauley liked the outcome but would have liked to see things added to next year’s Homecoming dance. 

“I think there could be more in terms of refreshments and if it is in the MPR maybe big fans need to be brought in. The heat seemed to be the biggest complaint from students,” McCauley stated. 

Not only did McCauley want things added for next years Homecoming, but multiple students reported that there should be better music played and students should be allowed to give song suggestions.

Mariah Casino liked the dance too. “I didn’t really like the music. I wish they could just play the clean versions of the songs,”Casiano Stated. “ But the thing I really liked was when they played the chicken dance for Anna Spranger.” 

In all, GHS Homecoming was an overall great event that not only the students enjoyed but also the staff and everyone that helped set it up.