Students share their thoughts on the new parking pass


Jonah Plitt, Staff writer

Greendale High School has put in a new parking policy for all students and staff in the 2022-23 school year.  The parking pass costs $160 and students are assigned to a random numbered parking spot that they need to park in every day.  

This year as students came into the school year, everyone wondered why they had assigned parking spots now.  “Just like lockers, parking spots are school property. For the past few years we have just assigned parking lots and not individual spots. Principal Steve Lodes said.  “With the repavement we had the opportunity to redo the painting of our lots. For accountability and safety reasons, we feel it is important for us to know what cars are where during the school day – staff and student”  

This has caused some problems because some people are parking in the wrong parking spots, and other students with no pass are parking in someone else’s spot.   “If someone takes my spot, I would take someone else’s spot and I don’t know if I would get in trouble for it,”  junior Riley Guenther said. “The last couple years I’ve been in high school, all we had was just park anywhere as you see as long as you have a parking pass.”

To help with this problem there will be a staff that will go out in the parking lot and check the parking spots.  To make sure students are parking in the correct spots.   “Usually they will get a warning. If that doesn’t work, tickets have been issued. It’s not really that hard; park in the spot on your tag”  Lodes said.

Most of the GHS students like the parking policy.  “I like the spot I have, it’s nice and close to the school, easy to get out, and I get to park there every day.  Unlike the years before, I have to be at school early to get a good parking spot” junior Jacob Sellhousen said.