GHS Students prepare to vote in upcoming election


Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes and Sen. Ron Johnson

Rachel Kohl, Staff Writer

With the midterm elections right around the corner on Nov. 8, students are forming opinions about candidates and some are preparing to vote for the first time. Students and community members alike will cast their ballots for these major positions: state representative, senator, and governor. 

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes is running against incumbent Ron Johnson in a tight senate race fluctuating by only a point as of most recent polling. Republican Tim Michels challenges Governor Tony Evers, and his chances have wavered, according to the current Marquette University poll.

 Although they aren’t included in these polls, many students have strong opinions about the candidates. Senior Cylia Ahmed-Yahia said, “ I think that we just need younger people, like Tony Evers is too old, but also Tim Michels is truly just awful.” 

She added, “Same thing with Ron Johnson I would say, and the main reason for it is their stance on abortion. I just think it is so unreasonable to say that it is illegal in cases of rape, and that is the stance that both of them have.” 

While abortion access is a contentious issue this election cycle, students like senior Lexi Olech are also concerned about the state of the economy. “The issues that are most important to me are the ones that affect young people and the economy, as I am getting older and entering a more serious work force,” Olech said.

For students like Olech who are planning to vote, social studies teacher Ben Hubing gave some advice. He said, “I would encourage students to check out the sample ballot on the website of the Village of Greendale (or the community they live in). Check out the races and who is running.” Hubing added, “Then go to the candidates’ webpages and find out what they stand for and what they would do if elected. Try to find articles and interviews on some of the races you think are most important, and make an informed choice!”

Students can access additional information about voting on the Village of Greendale website, as well as the Milwaukee County website. As long as a student turns 18 on or before election day, they can pre-register to vote using MyVote WI. When it comes time to vote, Wisconsin residents are required to show a valid photo ID.

Despite teenagers having the lowest voter turnout rate compared to any other age group, many Greendale students are interested in participating in our democracy and plan to show up to the ballot box this November.