Students race to find T-Shirts hidden around Greendale


Students show off their T-Shirts

Victor Cruz, Staff Writer

This year the Greendale Athletics Department has been holding t-shirt contests that have been very popular. As students walk around the halls they might notice Greendale shirts and wonder how students got them. If you have Instagram, Greendale_Athletics makes posts about how students could obtain these shirts.

Athletic director Jared Galante runs this Instagram account and sets up all the events. These events are fun for the students who participate and the staff who take part in it. One of the most popular events is finding Joe Bustos. They post hints on Instagram and then students have to drive around and find where Bustos is hiding. If you find him before the t-shirts run out you win! 

Another event they hosted was the pumpkin event. Students had to take a picture with a pumpkin while holding a thumbs up. Then after this they had to send the picture in at 5pm and if they were the first 50 people to send it in they won a shirt. 

Senior Cason Wilson participates in these events to try and win a free t-shirt. As a senior, these shirts can mean a lot more than just something that he can wear. “These events are a fun way to interact with the school and win some free shirts,” Wilson said. “I usually do these events with my friends and it’s always a fun time. These shirts are a reminder of my highschool and how much fun I had while I was there.”

 One of Galante’s favorite parts is to see all of the students participating in these events. “The overall engagement from our student body is the most fun. To see so many kids interact with our social media accounts and realize that the greendale_athletic instagram account can be student driven in a variety of ways is a blast,” Galante said. “We are always looking for more ways to showcase our students, and this is one way that showcases all our students no matter their sport involvement, year in school, or any other factor.”

Sophomore Kallie LaPointe also participates in these events. “These events are really fun and give everyone school spirit!” LaPointe stated. “I think in the future we need more t-shirt events because they make school really fun and they’re very cute.”

Gelante said,”Keep an eye out for new shirts in the future. I can say that there is a winter shirt in the makes so keep an eye out” he said. This is your chance to get one of the Greendale shirts that are in high demand. Stayed tuned on Greendale_Athletics.