Students rave about Six Flags’ Fright Fest


Jonah Plitt, Staff Writer

October is almost over and that means there is not much time to visit Fright Fest.  Fright Fest is one of the most popular Halloween events. It started on September 17 and will end on October 31. 

  During Fright Fest, Six flags is decorated with scary Halloween decorations, and there are actors walking around the area who are dressed up and scare people.  “The place isn’t really that scary.  It’s really funny to see other people getting scared by actors but  it’s all fun and games until the person who has a chainsaw is chasing you,”  junior Avery Olson said.  

Fright Fest is one of the most popular Halloween events, and because it only lasts about a month, a lot of people go there more than once.  “I have been there four times, I went there on a Monday once and the rest of the time on the weekends.  It is so busy on the weekends that the maximum amount of rides you will be able to ride will be about four rides,” junior Riley Guenther said

Most people have season passes to get in, but for the people who don’t have a season pass, they have to buy a one day pass and they’re usually $49.99.  The only difference between Freight Fest and regular six flags days are the scary halloween parade and actors.  “The main reason why I have been going is because of the actors who dress up to scare people.,” Olson said.  “If there was no actors scaring people, I would not even go.”

There are some people who don’t really care about the scars at all, they just like to go to enjoy the rides.  “I love going to Six Flags just for the rides, I don’t really care about anything else,” junior Jacob Sellhausen said.