Mixed reviews for “Halloween Ends” Movie


AJ Randolph, Staff Writer

As Halloween approaches, a new movie to add to the classic thriller series “Halloween” has hit theaters. This movie is an addition to the 13 series of Halloween called “Halloween Ends.” This movie tells the story of the main characters four years later after their encounter with Michael Meyers. Jamie lee Cutris was one of the original cast members that showed up later in the new movie too. 

Many people had mixed reviews on how the movie went and how they ended the Halloween franchise. Senior Mallory Skaar had seen all of the other “Halloween” movies in that series and was excited to see the film. “I like that it was different from all the other movies and it was extremely graphic,” she said.  

While some Halloween movies are scarier than others, this movie gets watchers on the edge of their seats. “It gave me a feeling throughout my body I didn’t like making it spooky,” Skaar stated. Skaar liked the movie, but just like those who reviewed the movie online, she was disappointed that the movie barely showed Michael Meyers, the iconic serial killer. 

“I don’t think this series will continue because it didn’t end the way that everyone thought it would,” Skaar said. ”I think that it should’ve had more to do with Michael Myers because It really didn’t.” 

Junior Mackenzie Ryback has seen all the movies in the Halloween series besides the new one. Although she hasn’t seen the new movie she is interested in the way these movies are made. “Interesting on how the producers come across different story lines for this series,” Ryback said. “I intend to watch the new movie before this halloween season ends.” 

Senior Aidan Gorzalski seen the the movie too. “It was alright, there were one cheesy scene in the beginning that ruined the whole movie. It was so fake,” he stated.

Although many might think this is the end Gorzlaski says otherwise. “I think they will make more because the end was left open for a sequel,” he said.