Football seniors say goodbye


Ben Perleberg, Staff Writer

With the unexpected loss against New Berlin West, last month 26 varsity football players played their last snap. It was emotional for everyone, but the seniors had it the worst. Of the 26 seniors, a handful of them will play college football, such as wide receiver Izaiah Correa, quarterback Blake Kogelmann, lineman Jack Wilde, and running back Javon Murry just to name a few.

A lot of hard work has been put into the team over the past four years which is why they were so upset. “I was disappointed with the outcome of the season, but the work my teammates and I put in during my career is something that I will forget,” Kogelmann said. After the high school season ended the players haven’t been working for the off season, but instead are working towards college ball. 

Not all the players are seeking to play football in college though because college football is a bigger commitment than many people think. The consistency of highschool football doesn’t always transfer over to the collegiate level. “Although playing in college would be fun, it’s a ton of hard work. I love the game of football but not enough to make this big of a commitment,” senior linebacker Joe Morzy said. 

For most players, the memories that come with playing Greendale football are unmatched. Whether you were making plays on the field or making jokes in the locker room, every player hangs on to something special. “My favorite moment this season was when Izaiah and Javon both fell asleep with their mouths open on the bus. It was hilarious,” senior receiver Brayden Latus said.

  Although most of the players have no intentions of playing football in college, one of them does. “I love the game of football and I am truly blessed to even be considered for a sports scholarship. But what keeps me going is knowing I have friends and family who count on me,” Murry said. 

With this season in the past, it’s time to move forward. Whether it’s playing football at the next level or leaving it in highschool, all the seniors have a future to look forward to.