Fanny packs are back in style


Ashley Turdo, Staff Writer

Many styles that were in years ago are making a comeback, one of them being Fanny packs, but with a twist. A brand that has put their mark in the fanny pack industry is Lululemon. 

Lululemon’s fanny pack, called the Everywhere Belt Bag, came out in the summer of 2020 but didn’t make a mark until the spring of 2022. The belt bag was a must have for many people. “I have three different fanny packs, my first being the plain black one, then I have the white sherpa, and I also have the grey one,” junior Kennedy Kapocius said. “All of them are the Everywhere Belt Bag.” 

Kapocius chose the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag for certain reasons. “I think the Lululemon fanny pack is better than the other fanny packs because of the good quality, size, and color options,” Kapocius said. Lululemon has come out with more than 10 different colors and styles since 2020. 

Now that fanny packs are back in, they are being styled in a different way. “I wear my fanny pack across my body over my left shoulder so that I can use my left hand to open it and take what I need from it,” Kapocius said. 

Since the rave for the fanny back there are many different styles and colors that Lululemon is creating, but the business also has competitors. Senior Ben Perleberg originally got a North Face fanny pack, but then switched to getting three Lululemon Belt bags. “I wasn’t a big fan of the North Face Fanny Pack. It just doesn’t compare to the Lululemon Fanny Pack,” Perleberg said. 

Like Kapocius, Perleberg also wears his fanny pack around his shoulder. “Not only is it more stylish, but it is convenient because it is closer to my hands,” Perleberg said. 

Freshman Casey Lamb has a Patagonia fanny pack. “I just had it for a long time before the Lululemon fanny pack was a thing,” Lamb said. 

Lamb also wears her fanny pack around her shoulder as well. “I don’t really know. I just prefer it around my shoulder,” Lamb said. 

Senior Lexi Olech was looking everywhere for the iconic Everywhere Belt Bag. There are a few reasons why Olech wanted a belt bag. “It was just so trendy and they finally got back in stock,” Olech said. “They were not as expansive as I thought.”

The fanny pack can be used for many different things. “I use it for my wallet, my keys, chapstick, my sunglasses and other random things that I might need throughout the day,” Olech said. 

Lululemon’s website is almost always sold out of the fanny packs, but shoppers may be able to find the Everywhere Belt Bag in person at their stores at Brookfield Corners, Mayfair Mall, and Downtown Milwaukee.

After buying a fanny pack for around $36, it is important that the buyer likes it. Olech is really happy with her purchase of the new and improved fanny pack. “I am so happy because it is so cute and convenient!” she said.