Student Spotlight: Matt Miksic


German Lechuga, Staff Writer

Multi-Sport Athlete takes care of business on and off of the field, and while Greendale has produced many athletes who play two sports, not many have played them both at the same time. Senior Matthew Miksic played both football and soccer this year.

Miksic has been playing soccer for 12 years, but this year he decided to join the football team as well. He is an important member of the soccer team and this season he made a big difference on the  football field, making most of his extra points and field goals.

Miksic did his part on the football field really well. Even though his mind was always on soccer, he still managed to be one of the best kickers Greendale has ever had. “Matt has been very consistent every game and was one of the main reasons we won most of our games,” senior Brandon Bull said.

Miksic has been on varsity all four years for, and this year was particularly  special and most important to him because he was the captain and had many memories that will last a lifetime. “ My favorite memory is having a hat trick against Greenfield where I scored some of the best goals of my life.” 

His best friendships have come from the soccer team. “Matt was one of the best captains I have ever had, he wasn’t mean or thought he was better than everyone else. He was fun to be around and was the reason I loved going to soccer practices” junior Isaiah Ramirez said. 

Miksic will miss his teammates next year. “I’m going to miss playing with some of my best friends and leading them in the right direction on and off the field,” he said.

Miksic has not yet decided which college he will attend, but he is going to pursue mechanical engineering. “My favorite class is physics because I like solving equations.” 

In addition to soccer and football, he also enjoys snowboarding and lifting weights.