New Year, New Me: Resolution and Wishes for 2023


AJ Randolph, Staff Writer

What do you do on New Year’s Eve?

Lilly Pogorzelski: Have fun with friends

Lana Stankovic: Go to a party

Trevor Picago: Hang out with Friends 

Decon Ward: Hang with family 

Lillian Uhlenhake: I sleep 

Cindy Schepp: Stay at home

Do you have any resolutions and what are they? 

Trevor Picago: Gain weight for the next football season 

Ben Burrow: Stay focused in school to graduate with good grades 

Reese Sebastian: Help serve the Community 

Kareem Abdelrahim: Get a Job to make money 

Lindsey Shibliski: Bench 125 

Do you ever go through with your resolution? Why or why not?

Trevor Picago: Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it and I have no motivation 

Ben Burrow: I try my best to become a better person 

Reese Sebastian: Yes because I try my best 

Kareem Abdelrahim: No I forget them the next week 

Lindsey Shilbliki: sometimes but I always try and do something out of proportion 

Cindy Schepp: No too much work

Olivia Riester: Yes it’s a challenge and I enjoy challenging myself to see if I can persevere 

What is something you want to do different for next year?

Javon Murry: Trust I put in people 

Ben Burrow: Work and Make money 

Lillan Uhlenhake: Put less trust in people

Olivia Riester: More positive mindset 

Rawan AlSudani: Not as lazy  

Goal for 2023:

Addy Patneaude: Keep my grades up 

Ahmad Qasem: 3.5 gpa 

Rawan Alsudani: Getting a car

Petra Reskovic: Getting my license 

Kareem Abdelrahim: Get a job