Students and staff travel over Winter Break


Cali Olszewski, Staff Writer

When students have off from school during winter, spring, or summer, some people are lucky enough to go on vacations. Several students and teachers at GHS got away from the Wisconsin cold and traveled somewhere warm over break. 

Business teacher Mary Guida and her husband, along with friends including English teacher Kate Wagner and her family, got to travel to Roatan, Honduras over their break. Honduras is located in Central America, and Roatan is an island North of Honduras. 

We were able to zip line, snorkel, see animals and several boat tours, since we were there for 10 nights. My favorite part was holding a sloth and the New Year’s fireworks that we could view from our home’s balcony,” Wagner said. 

Junior student Lucas Labeau traveled with his family to Hawaii. They stayed on Maui and Oahu. Labeau’s favorite place to be was the beaches.

Most of the beaches we went to were clear, warm, and the waves were big. I spent most of my time in Hawaii swimming in the ocean, but I also got to cliff jump and swim in a waterfall,” Labeau said. 

While here in Wisconsin the temperatures over winter break were in the low 20s, things were different for junior Portia Pavelchik, who spent her time on a cruise during her break. 

“I went on a cruise to Belize, Cozumel, Ocean Cay, and Costa Maya. The weather was 75 most days and sunny,” Portia said.

Sophomore Alania Kohl and her family traveled to Jamaica and spent their time in Montego Bay over their break. 

“I liked how warm it was and I liked being by the beach or the pool. The temperature was in the mid 80’s,” Kohl said.

On the other side of warm vacations, Jack Griffin and his family traveled to Kilkenny, Ireland. Griffin’s family travels there every year to visit their close family friends. 

“We drove to Dublin and went shopping, visited our friends, and played soccer a lot. The weather was really rainy and in the 50s,” Griffin said.

For those that didn’t have the chance to travel somewhere over winter break, spring break is coming up in less than three months, so start planning a trip now!