Is the matrix trying to stop Andrew Tate


Alex Klaus, Staff Writer

Andrew Tate, British media personality, recently got arrested in Romania while the police investigate a Human Trafficking Probe. Tate came on to the scene after videos of his controversial takes went viral. 

He came up with the idea that “the matrix” controls everybody and that he escaped “the matrix” after these viral videos came out. Many people are now trying to copy what he does to make money. He got into a fight  with Greta Thunberg about his car collection which led up to his arrest.

In December, Tate and his brother Tristian Tate were arrested for human trafficking and the police put them in detention for 30 days. In January, they tried to appeal their 30 day detention, but the court upheld it and they are currently in jail. Tate is accused of Human Trafficking and being involved in the recruitment and transportation of people to use them for sex or forced labor. 

He is also accused of creating a “cam girl” where young women have to live with him in Romania and make sexual videos unwillingly.  The police also have seized 10 of his properties and 15 of his cars. 

Many people, including junior Kareem Azzam, believes that Tate is being treated unfairly while in jail. “I believe that Andrew Tate is being treated differently in jail compared to other people with similar alleged charges. Even though he has never been convicted and has never been charged with these charges, He is treated like a repeat offender just because of his status.” 

Even though he has some issues going on right now. junior Ryan Bilan feels that Tate has changed his life. “Andrew Tate has changed my life in so many ways you don’t even know. He has changed my views and ideas, and it’s sad to see what the matrix is doing to him. He did say that this would happen,” he said. 

Azzam feels that Tate is not the person people think he is. “I feel that Andrew Tate is an important and influential man in today’s society because of his straightforward solutions to modern-day problems,” he said. 

Junior Lily Pogorzelski first heard about Tate back in August and doesn’t really like him. “I don’t follow him particularly but I heard about him in the media, and I don’t plan on following him because of his views on women,” she said.