212 helps athletes stay in shape


Gabriel Torres, Staff Writer

During the winter months, many students participate in 212, a before and after school activity held in the weight room Monday-Friday. Many football players and other athletes go to 212 to train during the off-season. There are professional trainers that help students improve their form during workouts, and also give lots of other advice to students such as diets, and certain weights to use, and teach them many new exercises. 

Every week there is a specific schedule the students follow. Mondays and Thursdays are leg days, and Tuesdays and Fridays are arm days, and Wednesdays are “Team Conditioning” days. They are held in the halls during the colder months but eventually are on the football field. 

Head Football Coach Jermaine Murry encourage all athletes to attend. “212 is beneficial for all athletes and not only football players because we want everyone to achieve their full potential,” he said. “Over the years we’ve had basketball, soccer players work out with us and in turn, it has increased their production in practice and games. We cheer on those student athletes because it motivates them and their team to do well.”

About 30 people show up to 212 daily and coaches encourage them to not miss more than three days of 212, because they want everyone there to be committed to 212 and improving themselves.

 Freshman Ahmad Qasem goes to 212 often. “212 has helped me and many other people become a better athlete and person. I’m able to wake up early in the morning and better myself,” he said

Many people enjoy 212 because of the environment and being their friends. The whole football team is encouraged to go every day so many teammates are able to create better bonds with their team. Students are also allowed to play their own music on the speaker that is in the weight room. 

This environment is beneficial for students because they are able to improve their skills in whatever sport they are playing. Junior Bailee Anders has never gone to 212 but she would consider it. “I would think about it but I didn’t know it was open for other people,” she said.