Greendale Cheer Team Prepares for UCA Nationals with the Band


Cali Olszewski, Staff Writer

On Feb’ 8, the Greendale cheer team and the Greendale pep band will take a trip to Orlando Florida to compete at the UCA Cheer Nationals. 

The cheer team decided that this year they would compete in a fairly new division called GameDay Live. In the GameDay Live routine, the pep band will stand behind the cheerleaders and play music to their routine. Before the cheerleaders take the mats the pep band performs for 1 minute to the song Toxic by Britney Spears.

The  pep band members are very excited for this new opportunity they got this year.

My favorite part about the game day live routine is when the cheerleaders first come on, the song for that is fun to play,” senior band member Joe Saskowski said. 

“I like that the band is joining us for one of our routines this year because we do have a good chance at winning the “Game Day Live” division and if that happens that will be the best experience ever,” sophomore Lauren Alenius said.

While the new GameDay Live routine is very exciting, the cheerleaders will also compete with their own traditional routine in the Highschool Large All Girl division.

Greendale cheer has been going to Nationals since 1986, and for many members going to Florida is one of the most fun parts of the season. Cheer has been practicing since May to make this routine the best it can be.

“It’s a lot of work to do two routines, but I think it will make the experience better because we get to compete at least twice which is really exciting,” sophomore cheerleader Olivia Vitrano said.

Preparing for Nationals takes a lot of effort, and sometimes the cheer team practices four to five times a week, not including competitions on most Saturdays. 

The semi-final performance for both routines takes place on February 11. During the 2 days before the performance, the cheerleaders will spend a lot of time practicing and going to the Disney parks. 

“I’m most excited about performing both routines and seeing how all the hard work we have put in plays out,” Alenius said.