Creed III coming to Theaters


Jack Bauer, Staff Writer

On March 3, the trilogy of Adonis Creed’s journey to boxing royalty continues with the release of Creed III

The boxing superstar is played by Micheal B. Jordan who is taking the directing role in the third film which will be his directorial debut. The Creed series is a modern version of the Rocky movies but takes on the story line of Apollo Creed’s son.

In the first film Creed, Adonis is an undefined amateur with championship aspirations. The up and coming superstar takes on Leo Spornio, who he beats by knockout in the build up to his bout with the champ Ricky Conlan.  Adonis battled all fight long but did end up losing the bout in a split decision, but cemented himself as a top contender in the light heavyweight division. 

In Creed II, Adonis is here to avenge the death of his father in fighting Ivan Drago’s son Viktor Drago. They fought twice in this movie, and in the first bout they ended in a forfeit due to a punch to a downed fighter. Adonis switched up his training and locked in for his big fight in Russia. Adonis faced Viktor for the second time and his father Ivan ended up throwing in the towel, resulting in a Creed victory and the avenged loss of his father Apolo. 

Some students who have seen the first two movies are interested in seeing how the story line plays out in the third movie. “I feel like he is going to lose in the third movie and it will be like the first Rocky because in the trailer it says that he has been out of the fight game for a while,” junior Matthew Hernandez said.  

Senior Grayson Sinks touches on his thoughts of the storyline of the Creed movies. “I feel like the storyline for the third movie is going to tail off the path Rocky took because in the second movie he avenged the loss of his father,” he said.

Playing the starring role is Jordan, who fans have enjoyed watching in these movies in the past. “Micheal B Jordan is one of my favorite actors because of how passionate he is within his role and really takes on the persona he is playing,” Hernandez said. 

The third movie is a highly anticipated movie this year. “Watching the trailer and seeing a glimpse of the story line I am expecting it to keep me on the edge of my seat because of how they are bringing up Adonis’s past,” Sinks said.