76th Has Many New Places to Feast


Gabe Torres, Staff Writer

76th street in Greendale is the place to go for eating, with lots of options to choose from, and now there are even more places to dine than ever.

 Although 76th street is loaded with many places to eat, there have also been many new additions to 76th street such as Starbucks, Tropical Smoothie, and Crumbl, and two new breakfast places First Watch and Honey Berry Cafe. These new additions have brought many more people to this street, and a lot more business to these restaurants.

Crumbl has been a busy place recently although it is a small store. It is in the new same strip as Tropical Smoothie located right next to Martin Luthern High School. “I went to Crumbl after school to get my favorite Churro cookie and I had to wait outside because the line was so long,” junior Jacob Sellhousen said. The reason why it’s so busy is that there isn’t another restaurant like these two near Greendale. 

Students tend to get something to eat after school. “I love going to Tropical Smoothie! I usually go after school or after workout,” junior Alyssa Schwartz said. 

Students are glad there is a new Tropical Smoothie nearby because it is a healthier option than other restaurants. “Usually I end up going to Tropical Smoothie for a healthy drink after the gym,” junior Matthew Hernandez said.

The First Watch and Honey Berry are both breakfast restaurants that many students have gone to recently. Some posted pictures on Snapchat of the food they got. “I went to Honey Berry when it first opened and it was great. I had chicken and waffles and I definitely recommend going there,”’ junior Lily Pogorzelski, said.

Students love to start their day with coffee, and the new Starbucks has been “poppin” recently. Starbucks is one of the most popular places to get coffee so adding one with a drive thru in Greendale was a great idea. “I like the new starbucks a lot better than the old one because it has a better atmosphere and it is easily accessible,” junior Molly Nutter said.