Greendale bathroom shut down

Greendale bathroom shut down

Kareem Azzam, Staff Writer

Recently some of the students have been frustrated with some bathrooms being closed down for days at a time,making it difficult to get to class on time.

Senior Jaimyn Peters explained that this caused the bathrooms to be crowded,”The one by the language rooms is usually closed.” Which means that, “about 10-15 people at a time usually in the bathroom.”

 Peters wished that all of the bathrooms would be open. “I’d have to pick all of them to stay open because I believe that everyone has the right to go to the bathroom,” he said.

 “Some students are even late to class, like freshman Brandon Harper. The bathrooms are filled really often. So sometimes it does make me late to class because of how many people are in there,” he said

this to say about having to avoid going to the bathroom, “ I do avoid the bathroom because of how packed it is so I wait until the next hour or lunch to go,” he said

According to Principal Steve Lodes no bathrooms are permanently closed, but some are closed right now, “I am not aware of any bathrooms that are currently being closed but the two across from the FCE rooms during both lunches are closed now.”  “Once in a while we have to close on if there is damage or graffiti until they can be opened and fixed/removed,” he said

 Harper hopes all the bathrooms will reopen in the future.,”I think it’s not fair to us because it makes us take longer than it should be and the people that try to use the bathroom less than three mins come back a lot longer,” he said.