Students excited for their spring break adventures

Students excited for their spring break adventures

Alexa Bantle, Staff Writer

As spring break is approaching, many students and staff are ready to leave Wisconsin for some fun!  Some people that are lucky enough to travel and take some time away from home are also getting to see and try new things. 

Social Studies teacher Lucy Siepler is heading to Boston with her boyfriend this spring break. They have decided on Boston because there is a direct flight from the Milwaukee airport, good food, and the place to be. 

 “We plan on visiting the Boston Tea Party Museum because there is a cool tea house at the end where you can try tea that was dumped over in 177,”  Siepler said. 

While Siepler and her boyfriend are staying in the U.S. for spring break, others are going even farther.

Sophomore Sophia Herrera is traveling to Paris for the 2023 spring break. She is both heading out of Wisconsin for a 10 hour flight to try new things. 

“I have never been to Europe before, but I am most excited to see the eiffel tower, meet new people, and learn more about different cultures,” sophomore Sophia Herrera stated. 

As many people go on spring break each year, one of the most popular destinations is some place in Florida. Seniors Cason Wilson, Greyson Sinks and Matt Miksic are driving down to Florida together for this year’s spring break. 

“I have never been to Destin Florida before so I don’t really know what to expect, but I am very excited to be out in the warm weather for a week! While we are out there all of us are going to play it by ear but Greyson and Matt both brought up the idea of hitting a golf course,” senior Cason Wilson said. 

As the 2023 spring break comes so soon many students and staff seem to be traveling for the week.