It gets Mad in March


Ben Perleberg, Staff Writer

With March underway, the NCAA men’s basketball teams’ seedings have been released. Although the Badgers didn’t lived up to the hype, they are still participating in post season action as the number three seed in the NIT tournament. On the other side of things, Marquette is the number two seed in the NCAA tournament and are champions of the Big East.

The number one seeds for the tournament are as follows; Houston, UCLA, Kansas, and Alabama. They have shown that they mean business this season. “I am really impressed with how Alabama has played this year. No one expected their basketball team to be this high in the rankings, since they are mainly known for football,” senior Brayden Latus said.

Marquette fought hard every game this season, and with them winning the Big East Championship, they will be the number two seed. This is the highest they have ever been ranked in school history. The closest thing to that is the 2003 Golden Eagles led by Hall of Famer Dywane Wade, where they finished as the number three seed and made it to the Final Four. “I’m excited to see how they perform in a one and done scenario. I think they have a shot at making a deep run,” senior Reese Sebastian said.

Wisconsin, to no one’s surprise, will not be participating in this year’s March Madness tournament. Instead, the Badgers have been invited to the highly regarded NIT tournament, where the “runner ups” get to contend in 

For the first time in NCAA history two teams that were in the final four the previous year were not welcomed back to the tournament the following year. Those two teams are North Carolina and Villanova. Fortunately for Nova, they made the NIT tournament. Fortunately for UNC, they get to enjoy the tournament games.

With the tournament starting in a week, Wisconsin is trying to sneak in and Marquette is looking to prove that they deserve their rank. Who do you think will win it all this year?