MLB Blockbuster Offseason


Jack Bauer, Staff Writer

This MLB offseason was a crazy one for all teams in the league. There were big buyers and big sellers. Some of the biggest buyers this year were the Padres, Rangers, and Dodgers, and  some of the biggest sellers this year were the Nationals, Oakland A’s, and the Cubs. 

Big market teams made big market moves this off season. For example, the Padres went out and added another major piece to their puzzle with the signing of SS Xander Bogarts from the Boston Red Soxs, along with the Texas Rangers 

who signed Jacob deGrom who arguably when healthy is the best pitcher in baseball.  

 “I think some of the blockbuster trades were very frequent in the offseason. Along with these trades, fan bases have to adjust to the addition or subtraction from their team. But some major moves were made and I am interested to see how these moves play out for teams payroll and roster depth,” senior EJ Kuster said. 

These huge signings for millions of dollars have raised questions about the MLB cap space, which is non-existent in the current day and age. This has allowed teams like the Padres to sign superstars after superstars like Soto and Bogarts. 

MLB fans have different opinions when it comes to the topic of the cap. “I don’t think that the MLB should have a cap because I personally like to see these super teams because of how competitive the MLB playoffs get with these super teams that are created,” sophomore Cam Bueno said.  

The Padres were not the only team that brought in some superstar power this season. With the pick up of shortstop Corey Seager last season along with second basemen Marcus Siemen the Rangers sorted out their middle infield. 

On the mound, however, there were some questions to be answered and they were answered with the signing of two time Cy Young award winner Jacob deGrom. “I think with the signing of deGrom the Rangers have put themselves in a winning position and can place them as contenders in the American League,” junior Dylan Campaeu said  

The Brewers had a lighter offseason but the biggest move they made was signing all-star catcher William Contreras in a three team trade with the Oakland As, Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers.  The Brewers are projected to sit at the top of the central division this year so we will have to see how they perform and hope that they can make a playoff push this year. “The addition of Wiliam Contreras was a great acquisition by the Brewers and will be a great piece to the Brewers,” junior Alex Gey said