Should you Buy a Stanley or a Hydro Flask?


Cali Olszewski, Staff Writer

Over the past few years the Hydro Flask water bottle has become extremely popular. But this year, the new Stanley water bottle has become equally as popular among teens.

Some people think that the Hydro Flask is better than the Stanley for many different reasons. Sophomore Addison Benning feels very strongly about why Hydro Flasks are better.

Hydros don’t spill, they can actually fit in your backpack, and they are realistic for any activity,” Benning said.

A big difference between the two bottles is that the most popular type of Stanley has a normal straw which causes the water bottle to spill easily.

“My Stanley spilled probably five times every day. I got sick of the spilling so I switched back to my Hydro Flask,” sophomore Kallie Lapointe said.

While Lapointe and Benning prefer the Hydro Flask, some others prefer the Stanley. 

“I like my Stanley because it’s cute. It also holds more water than my Hydro Flask did,” sophomore Callie Morzy said. 

Some other differences between the two water bottles is that Hydro Flasks come in more sizes and types. Stanley’s retail price is cheaper than Hydro Flasks: a 40 oz Stanley is $40 while a 32 oz Hydro Flask is $45. You also have to buy a separate straw lid for Hydro Flasks while Stanleys come with a straw lid.

While both water bottles get the job done, the debate between which is better is a popular topic throughout many social media platforms.